Cartier C Heart Necklace


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Cartier C Heart Necklace

Cartier Line name Model name C Heart Jewelry name 1 nothing

Jewelry name 2 Shape Necklace Gold certificate 750(YG)

Weight 7.2 Stone 1 0 Stone 2 0 Color Clarity Cut Fluorescence Size Initials

Accessories Repair details Purchase date Notes Lot number 03-39 Necklace length 41.4 Topsize length 1.3 Topsize width 1.2

Cartier Fine Jewellery

has been a beacon of innovation, deserving its own dedicated history book for the remarkable strides it has made in the world of jewelry.

Renowned for its unwavering commitment to design excellence, Cartier has earned favor not only with royalty but with discerning individuals seeking the epitome of luxury.

Wearing Cartier fine jewelry Cartier C Heart Necklace

is not reserved for royalty alone, yet the experience it imparts will undoubtedly make you feel regal. Whether paired with your most cherished evening attire or added to elevate a casual city-strolling ensemble, Cartier jewels bring a sense of opulence to any occasion.

Don’t relegate them solely to special events; these exquisite pieces deserve to be adorned more frequently, becoming an integral part of your everyday elegance.


Cartier jewelry


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