Fendi ZUCCA Mamma Baguette 8BR771 Shoulder Bag


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Fendi ZUCCA Mamma Baguette 8BR771 Shoulder Bag

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Shoulder Bag
2 Way Shoulder Bag
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Mamma Baguette
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Canvas & Leather
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Fendi bags

Fendi handbags, renowned globally for their exceptional leather goods.

Since its establishment in 1925 by the iconic stylist couple Adele and Edoardo Fendi, the brand has been a leader in the craftsmanship of leather and hides. Specializing in this field, Fendi expanded beyond its origins under the stewardship of the founders’ five daughters after their passing. The brand diversified its offerings to include clothing, footwear, and fragrances, yet for almost a century, women’s bags have remained the epitome of the Fendi legacy.

An array of exquisitely refined bags. Fendi ZUCCA Mamma Baguette 8BR771 Shoulder Bag

Over nearly a century, Fendi has flourished, primarily thanks to its line of bags and accessories. With a commitment to providing contemporary women with refined, elegant, and practical products, the brand offers a variety of shoulder, handbag, and baguette versions. While sizes and colors may vary, the unchanging factors are the quality and expertise inherent in each piece. Consistent themes such as leather, fur, metal buckles, and the iconic Fendi Monogram are integral to the brand’s identity. Fendi strives to ensure that every woman can discover a model she adores.

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As one of the foremost fashion brands globally, Fendi captures the hearts of fashion enthusiasts. Maison Designers offers discerning customers the opportunity to explore Fendi’s secrets and acquire coveted models at more accessible prices. All items are either second-hand or from previous collections, explaining the affordability relative to other sources.

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